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Grief is a long journey but you can heal two minutes at a time. Our weekly videos provide you with simple, doable activities that will help you heal your grieving heart at your own pace. From energy healing to eastern and western religion, these videos pull knowledge from a multitude of sources to provide you with unique healing tools to help you along your grief path.


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How do your angels show up for you?

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

How do your angels show up for you?

You might remember my article from last year on Five Ways Our Angels Communicate with Us. Today we’re going to talk about a new, unique angel sign that showed up in my life today, and I hope it sparks the conversation for everyone here to share their unique angel signs that have shown up in their life recently.

Yesterday, one of my best friends and I were talking about how her angels come into her life. For her, she sees hearts everywhere in answer to prayers and requests. She sees these hearts in trees, rocks and water droplets. Her angel hearts have been a confirmation of divine love and support. It has been amazing for her. The more she sees, the more signs she is given. That is the way it works!

So when I asked her for major prayers yesterday for today’s upcoming struggles, she said she would make a point to pray today and send me her angels. I have to be honest. I didn’t think twice about it.  I know my friend is so good about follow-through, and I also know we get very busy. We heal with intention, and she had such strong intention to pray for me. So I figured, whether or not she remembered to pray for me today, I was covered.

And I felt covered yesterday, so I completely put it out of my mind today. Until I went to Pete’s coffee bright and early this morning and received this amazing sign. You can imagine my surprise when I ordered my coffee and saw this:coffee


I was flooded with emotion. My eyes welled up, and I thanked the barista no less than ten times for her beautiful foam heart. I told her she had no idea how much it meant to me this morning. (I also think the angels use these situations to give it all right back. I couldn’t help but to think that, maybe, that barista needed my appreciation for her today, too.) I had been in that very same Pete’s coffee yesterday and I did not get a heart in my coffee’s foam. Without a doubt, this was my sign.

I took a picture before putting the lid on, walked to my car to grab a book and then headed back into Pete’s coffee to spend a few minutes. I finally remembered to text my friend this picture telling her thank you for sending me her angels, and here was her text response:

“That is crazy! I just paused 10 minutes ago in the middle of my workout, did the sign of the cross, and asked God and the angels to be with you today.”

Her prayer and my coffee heart were simultaneous events. It was amazing, and it’s just how the angels work. They want us to feel supported and loved. They hear our prayers AND they answer them. But I never actually thought about sending my angels to someone else. I’ve never seen a heart. I am always seeing numbers as my angel signs. This morning, I also saw this sign in my car:



Repeating ones means that heaven is listening and manifesting our thoughts quickly. We must hand our fears over to heaven. What a perfect message to receive on a day that was going to be so difficult. Grateful to start my day with a coffee angel heart and my established angel numbers love.

But I found it fascinating this morning that my friend sent me her angels and they showed up for me just as they show up for her. This week, I want us to do an experiment.

If you’re familiar with which angel signs you consistently see, try sending your angels to someone in your life who needs them this week. Then ask them if they’ve started to notice a sign that your angels might be around. I was so fascinated by this experience today that I couldn’t help but to put it out to all of you to see if you’ve experienced this angel phenomena. The idea of sharing our own angels with someone we love feels like the ultimate gesture of love. And who couldn’t use a few more angels around them anyway?

No matter if it’s hearts, numbers, coins, music or feathers, we are all fortunate to receive these beautiful signs of love and support from heaven.

How do your angels show up for you? Have you ever sent your angels to watch over someone else in need? Did they start to see the same signs? Post pictures below of the angel signs that show up for you! We can’t wait to hear your amazing stories.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


Every position is powerful- A life’s tale about the carousel

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments


This summer, I took my daughters to our local beach boardwalk. The most wonderful part of this boardwalk is the vintage carousel that sits at the opening of the park. As part of the attraction, riders are able to grab a metal ring off of a metal sleeve from the wall and try their aim and luck at throwing this ring into a clown’s mouth painted onto the wall of the building. When you do make it into the mouth of the clown, which is no easy feat, there is music and lights and great celebration by the thrower and everyone around them.

I blame the multiple rides, the ocean view or maybe that everything seems to have a way to hit me profoundly, but while on this ride, I thought about how much this simple childhood pastime so directly illustrates our life.  We hop on the ride, select which horse will carry us, travel up and down, slowly only at first as the ride begins to move. Once the ride is at full speed, the metal rings roll down the metal sleeve and,if we’re lucky enough to grab one of them, we have a chance to take a shot at something that is incredibly hard to attain but holds a payoff worthy of our efforts. As the ride slows down, the metal rings do too.  The chances to take our shots are no longer available.

I was so moved the many times I rode this ride today. How often in our life are we unsure about even getting on the ride in the first place? How many of us don’t even buy the ticket? Or how many of us get on the ride but never even reach for the chance to make the shot by grabbing that metal ring? And I think there are times in our lives where we stand to the side and watch others have fun. The spectators who were watching today had huge smiles on their faces. There are times in our life when it’s OK for us not to hop on the ride. We must know ourselves well enough to make the best choice for our heart. Watching the shot takes, the spectator learns pattern, timing, most effective horse choice. Never judge the spectator, they might just be researching to make the best shot of the day.

Hop on, take the shot or watch others take their shots, but choose what is right for you. There is power in every position.

Sometimes we get on the carousel and we sit on the bench because we don’t want to take the shot but were brave enough to get on. Celebrate that you made it on the ride. And then, there are the other times, the strong times, the prepared times, you reach for the metal ring, throw the ring at the clown and make it. The lights ring for YOU. The music plays for YOU.

We can become so afraid after a loss to reach out to people, or try something new that we find our life ends up feeling monotonous, routine and exhausting.

Honor what place is best for you given where you find yourself today. But remember…there is power in every position. Own the position you choose. Be proud of it knowing it was the very best place for YOU to be today.

Which life shots have you taken since you started your next chapter of life? How have you helped others feel strong enough to get back on that horse in their life? Have you stood next to someone who needed to sit off the ride? Share your story with all of us to help us all have the courage to choose what is best for ourselves and to be proud of that very choice.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


Getting past our reflection

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments


Here is a picture of a puddle and the rest is the story that came about because of its reflection.

Our life is often a reflection of our thoughts.

Look around you and all that is happening in your life and see how it might just represent how you’re feeling in this moment.

Now, this can be one of life’s greatest challenges when we’re grieving because our thoughts are frequently filled with sorrow, brokenness, and heartache. We grieve the life we once had before losing a loved one, a relationship or our health.

So how can we not let our thoughts dictate our life? How can we help ourselves bring in more of the reflection we want to see?

We look deeper. We look past that reflection to the core of who we are and find what is constant, solid, and never changing.

Underneath that beautiful puddle reflection is concrete. The water that provides the canopy for that reflection rests on solid ground.

Look inward and find your solid ground. It is in the inner most part of you and is what connects you to God. It is in this quiet, solid place we can begin to find reason for the struggle, find purpose for our pain and perhaps, one day, find gratitude for the strength we’ve gained through it all.

Here’s your simple 2 minute map to get you there. Sit with your legs criss-crossed and with your hands in your lap either folded or with each hand grasping the thumb of the other hand, allowing your fingers to fall over the thumbs.

*This is called the Diamond fist mudra because it helps you to create a mind that is hard as a diamond as you begin to control your thoughts and reach that concrete place of connection and serenity.*

Envision a large tree root growing out the base of your spine and growing into the center of earth, attaching yourself to the earth. Envision the top of your head connecting to heaven, God, or your higher self, whatever feels best to you. Begin to imagine beautiful gold glitter coming down that connection and filling your heart and your body with that warm, beautiful glittery love. Watch that warm glitter pass through you and makes its way to the center of the earth. Watch as that gold glitter touches every cell in your body.

Allow yourself to become this channel between heaven and Earth. Allow yourself to get quiet and connect to that silent space in you where there are no thoughts. Allow that place to grow and grow. Give gratitude for the fact that you’re taking this time to grow this space. This will help grow your quiet space. Second, give gratitude that this space is growing. This will make that space grow even more.

Concrete silence. Concrete gratitude. Concrete serenity.

The reflection of your life rests on concrete. Find your way to the very foundation that will help you be in control of your reflection and watch what happens. Two minutes a days grows to five minutes to 10 to 30 and then you will find this place of strength and serenity that cannot be altered by any thought and then your life will reflect the same.

How did this work for you this week? Share with our community and inspire everyone here to take control of their thoughts and their reflections in their life.

Excited to read your stories!

Sending you big love!

Live and Blessings,

Find Your Crutches

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

May we all be so lucky to limp in pain…
Let me explain. This week, I injured myself at the gym and haven’t been able to walk without a big limp for the last day. My family has bent over backwards to help me. They’ve done extra chores, extra errands and extra trips to the other end of the house for me. It’s been amazing to be cared for in this way, and I’ve been so grateful. They’ve seen the outward expression of my pain and responded with compassion, love and support.
But it got me thinking…as most things do.
Grief, whether it is the grief from the loss of a loved one, a friendship, a relationship, our health, a job or a home can hurt just as badly, if not more, as this limp-causing injury, except that we don’t get the luxury of this outward expression of pain.
Our hurt is a concealed ache that remains hidden, except to those few souls we deem trustworthy of knowing about our injury. The truth is…anyone who is grieving has their days where, at best,
we limp along. We get by. We would do anything to have that extra support, that extra errand help or just a hand to hold to make us feel just a little bit stronger.
So what can we do? How can we get by on these days where our heart injuries make us feel like the day is unbearable?
We find our crutches.
We find the people we can reach out to and let them know we need help. The only difference between my limping pain and my broken heart is that someone knows what they can do to help because they can see how I need help. And I wish I had a set of physical crutches today. You know why? Because those crutches would make me feel supported, stronger and help me move forward in less pain.
And that is the very same assistance our hearts need to
move forward too.
As the owner of your own injury, you must love yourself enough to find and trust your crutches. Trust they will support you the second you lean on them. Let them in. Let them know you need help and how you need it because it might not be as obvious if you aren’t physically limping, but that does not mean your crutches don’t want to help you. You just need to tell them what you need.
Forward them this article with a note that says, “Crutch day.” Post this on your Facebook page. Email them. Let “Crutch day” be your sign so they know you need a hand to hold. You need someone to go to the store with you, or for you. Or you just need someone to sit on the phone with you silently while you cry. I have had some of the very best phone calls with my best friend this way.
But find that set of crutches. Find 2 people who can support either side of you.
Love yourself enough to elicit the support you need because we all need help sometimes.
Share this article and share your story with our community here so everyone here can feel supported too.
Sending you big love!
Love and Blessings,

The intentional, mindful appointment wait

Posted by on Jul 15, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

Being with our self. Just being. It’s something that takes practice and discipline in this “keep yourself busy” world that we are living in now, and it’s sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves… and others.
Today I had a meeting at a busy corporate office. I arrived early for my meeting and sat in the lobby. I started to reach for my phone and decided I would be better served to settle into me.
I wanted to take these next 15 minutes to get grounded, centered and present for my meeting. I sat in this lobby taking in its beauty and grounding my energy.
It’s a simple thing…grounding energy. You can picture tree roots growing out the bottoms of your feet and add heavy sandbags on top of your feet. But this visualizing exercise is so powerful. It will help you ground your energy so you can be more mindful in your present moment and not forget what you’re saying mid-sentence, especially when you are talking passionately about something you love.
But something happened while I was sitting there grounded and present. People began to notice I was not on my phone. Many of the people around me were on their phones, and I was sitting there watching each person walk by. I would smile and people almost appeared surprised that I would smile at them. First, this woman is not on her phone and secondly, she is connecting with me by smiling. Shocking! The look of surprise I received from the passerbys was incredible.
I actually felt myself grieve the experience because it happened more than once, and I thought how sad that we’ve reached this place in our world where people are surprised that someone wants to connect through a smile. How sad to have it look “out of place” to be off your phone while waiting. I grieved the state of our world and decided to make a point to be more mindful while waiting for appointments or meetings this week. I want to use it as an experiment to watch what happens to me.
I challenge everyone here to take one appointment wait this week and stay off your phone. Watch what happens. Then report it here.
Do you feel more mindful? Are you calmer? Do you feel less filled with adrenaline and the “fight or flight” symptom?
I can’t wait to hear how your intentional, mindful appointment wait goes for you! Go ahead and surprise some strangers. You just may be the only person who smiles at them today. Share your experience in our community and inspire others to complete their mindful appointment wait too!
Sending you big love!
Love and Blessings,

When all else fails…it’s time to brain dump

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

I just started working through The Artist’s Way.  If you are familiar with this book, you know it is filled with amazing techniques and recommendations on how best to clear your head, heart and mind from all the clutter, gunk and struggle we keep within us that prevents our creativity from rising to the surface.

I have been so touched by this book and am passing along the technique that has revolutionized my life so far.

It’s called the 3 minute brain dump.

It is recommended that, upon awakening, you journal free-hand for three minutes.  No judgments, no thought, just write.

Clearing your head in this manner does just that.  It clears your head from the indecision, the struggle, the worry that comes along with life change.


It doesn’t matter if your life change includes grief from the loss of a loved one, a relationship, your health or the passage of time.  This 3 minute brain dump will help you find your own guidance and answers to problems.  It helps you to feel calmer during the day because all the gunk is out of your head.  It doesn’t get replayed in your head because it has already been played out on the page.  It is powerful and has such a calming effect on the rest of the day.  I have found myself feeling more peaceful, more centered, more grounded and more ready to feel alive.  I hope the same thing happens for you this week and I can’t wait for you to tell us all about it.

Did you 3 minute brain dump?  What happened? Please share with our community so we can cheer you on for completing this week’s task and support you.  It’s a daily practice so I’d love to take attendance this week.  If you brain dump, leave a message!  “I did it!”  “One day down” Let’s see how many days this week we can get our community posting and clearing your minds and hearts.  Think about how much healing we can do in this week alone.

We can’t wait to see your posts and celebrate you!

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,



Holding Our Own Hearts

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I heard a sad story today that is probably not the only one of its kind. A colleague was talking about her friend whose son was tragically killed. Her friend appeared to be in the same grief space she was in when her son had died years ago and she was concerned that she hadn’t begun to heal. 

This grief thing…it is so tough. 

We must be the commander of our own journey. We must know when it is time to halt the journey. We must know when to begin to start the motor and when it is time to begin to move full steam ahead. But sometimes we just don’t know how to move, even if we feel motivated.

The truth is, we must take action to heal. This phrase alone can sound daunting. The word “action” can sound daunting. However, that action doesn’t always have to be as active as it sounds.

There are no rules in grief. There are no guidelines and there certainly aren’t any timetables.

So what can these beginning healing actions look like when we hardly have enough energy to make it through our day?


Setting intention that you would like to heal is a powerful start. Intention is everything. We can sit, reflect and grieve and yet set the intention that we are beginning our healing process and our heart will hear it and begin to heal. As we covered in a past blog, it is imperative to Close For Repairs in order to have enough energy to heal your broken heart. When you think you might be ready to begin, start with a one minute intention that you are going to begin to heal.

Say to yourself, “I intend to give myself the love I need to heal my broken heart. I intend to be open to love, healing and grace.” Then add whatever else you feel called to add to your intention.

After you have set your intention, notice how healing might already have begun to take place. You might find yourself more available to others’ healing encouragement, your may notice the sun shining in the window, you may find yourself breathing a little deeper. Allow the power of intention to work its magic in your heart.

Heart Holding

Once you’ve set that intention, sit and physically hold your own heart/chest for one minute. Set a timer. It’s only one minute, but it will be a very powerfully healing one minute.  Place your hands over your beautiful grieving heart and send it the love that it needs. Nourish your own heart with your own love. Receive that love and then notice how different you feel after that one minute. Do you feel a little warmer? A little more grounded? A little more prepared to move forward?

How did your 2 minutes of healing go for you this week? What intention did you set? How did you feel after your heart holding? Share your experience to encourage others in our community to heal too and share this with your loved one who may need a little guidance on how to begin to heal their own hearts 2 minutes at a time.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,



Seeking out our blessings

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

So often, we get attached to the way we think things are supposed to be. We think life is supposed to turn out a certain way. Certain people are supposed to be in our life.

The truth is, if we can let go of that attachment to the who, what, when or why in our life, we will open ourselves up to receive and recognize the many blessings that are pouring onto us.

Here is a sweet story about this very thing:

My daughter joined 4-H this year and is showing a chicken at our county fair. I worked very hard to ensure I registered her chickens properly at the fair and followed every precise rule, as I had been warned that the fair is very strict with their rules.

The morning of the competition, the names and order were posted and my daughter’s name was absent from the list. I scoured my emails searching for my confirmation, only to discover I didn’t register her properly. Turns out, I needed to register my daughter too in order for her to “show” the chickens.

I have to admit a piece of me was still attached to this idea but the majority of me remained in trust, knowing all things happen for a reason and life happens for us, not to us.

It was my daughter’s first time ever at this competition and she had been feeling incredibly nervous and unsure about this whole event anyway. I kept the faith and I kept “looking” for the blessing in the situation.

Then, it poured all over us!

She watched the competition and how the other children showed their birds. She watched the judge award our birds their best in class awards in their cages. Then, the judge gave my daughter her own private evaluation. She walked her step by step though every detail of how to “show” her bird. The judge gave her pointers on what to do and what not to do and made my daughter feel confident and fulfilled by this experience. For my daughter who is the researcher and likes to be fully prepared, this blessing proved to be the best experience she could ever receive.

But it got me thinking about this article. What if I stayed attached to the idea she had to be IN the competition? What if I left because she wasn’t officially in it? What if I got into a negative space about it and the judge never felt like offering this private time?

By remaining unattached, the blessings that were supposed to flow into our life were able to fill our day.

This story is about more than just chickens…although I only have chickens on my brain this week.

Getting to the truth with maybe…

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Healing Your Grief Two Minutes at a Time weekly video series | 0 comments

So often tough, hard, unimaginable things happen in our life and we find ourselves in a place of trying to explain “the why” to a child, to a friend or even to ourselves and we just can’t get there. We can’t find the words. We don’t know why this had to happen, but it has happened and we seek answers.

Answers aren’t always easy to come by, especially with the incredibly tough experiences we face.

A friend of mine’s friend took her own life this week and she called to me to ask my guidance on how to explain it to her children. My response was,

“Get to the truth through maybes…”

“Maybe she was ill.” “Maybe he misunderstood.” “Maybe he was in a very tough place.” “Maybe she had a hard time talking about her feelings.” “Maybe she felt really alone and didn’t realize so many people loved her.”

The powerful use of the “maybe” is that we can use that maybe as a launching pad for a meaningful discussion with our loved one. “Maybe she had a hard time talking about her feelings. Would you like to talk about your hurt feelings? I want you to know you are not alone and that I love you.”

The “maybe” is simple.

The “maybe” is powerful.

The “maybe” will help you heal your heart by allowing  it to explore the reasons and the whys it had to happen.

There is rarely one answer to any question. Why should these tough questions be any different? Allow that “maybe” to help your heart not get so attached to one answer or reason but be healed through detaching to any particular answer.

Who knew such a simple word could be so powerful?


We can’t wait to hear how you used your maybe this week!


Share with us so you can help inspire others here in our community to heal!


Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


Hurt People Hurt

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“Hurt People Hurt.”

This is true whether or not the hurt person is 2, 12, 22, or 82. Perhaps we master our emotions as we age, or maybe we don’t. When we grieve, it doesn’t matter how much mastery work we have completed. Hurt people hurt. They hurt so much in their own hearts that hurt somehow gets inflicted onto those around them. It just happens. We don’t mean to do it on purpose, I promise.  So I’m writing this article on behalf of all of us who are grieving as a future apology for the many ways we will hurt you while we’re grieving.

We are sorry for the following: (in no particular order)

We are sorry for…
-losing our temper in the grocery store, the mall, the dinner table
-saying something we didn’t mean and
-wondering where that mean thing came from
-being brutally honest when asked our opinion
-not being able to listen to your complaints of the day
-throwing things across the room
-Just yelling
-Just crying & yelling
-Just ignoring you
-Lacking compassion when you tell us your story
-Hurting so much ourselves that we end up hurting you

The thing is…we don’t actually mean to do ANY of these things. We don’t want to act this way or be this way but Hurt People Hurt. However, like all things on this site, this is also used as a healing tool. It’s not just a scapegoat apology note.

Use this very article as a mirror. Yes, when we are hurt, we end up hurting others.

So what will you do the next time someone hurts you?

Will you blow them off and get mad too? Will you get hurt?


Will you look at the many ways they might be hurting in this moment and find a way to support them through their struggle?
Hurt people hurt. The next time someone hurts you, or isn’t very nice to you, take a look at their life and see if there might be something there that can help you find more compassion and understanding in your heart for them. Help them get out of that hurt ditch so you can connect, heal and break the hurt cycle.

Be sure to share our public future apology note with friends and loved ones so you are covered for future transgressions…and so your loved ones can learn too that perhaps the hurting is a sign you need some extra love that day.

Have you found that you end up hurting others when you’re really hurting? What’s been hurting you this week? Please share with us so we can help you heal too!

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,