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Five Ways Our Angels Communicate with Us

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Have you ever wished you could just have five minutes to talk to your loved one who has passed away to get their input on a conflict or problem?  I know I would give anything for those five minutes.  I miss their direction, advice and wisdom.

But since we can’t really get those five minutes, we must devise another way to talk to our loved ones.

Have you ever taken a moment and asked for them to communicate with you? 

Have you ever asked for a sign to help give you direction in your day? Have you talked to them and asked for them to show you the way?

Our angels are here giving us signs every single day.

They want to show us love and support.  They also want to help guide us along our way.  They know how hard it is here for us.  We just live at a pace too fast to recognize these majestic signs of love imparted upon us. I am constantly seeing angel signs and I have to say, it makes me feel so supported, so guided and so incredibly loved. This week, we’re going to cover five ways our Angels communicate with us:

1) Coins- They leave pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, even dollars, sometimes. Be sure to pay attention to your thoughts or actions at the time of discovery. The amount that you find is in direct correlation to the significance of the message. All of them are beautiful signs of love but noting the amount helps to add more meaning to the discovery and stronger direction for our lives. The greater the monetary amount, the stronger the message.



2) Feathers- As you begin to watch for these beautiful signs, you will begin to find beautiful feathers everywhere. Take a picture or begin a collection of them to keep in your home.  Either way, know it’s your angel saying hello.



3) Music- Do you ever turn on the radio and your special song is playing of your loved one or the words in the song are the exact words you needed to hear? That is the magic and beauty of the angelic kingdom. They use this beautiful music to say the words they aren’t able to utter to you now.

4) Butterflies and Hummingbirds- When you are surrounded by these beautiful creatures, know your angels are close by saying hello and sending you so much love.

5) Numbers- This is one of my most favorite angel signs. Do you ever find that you start seeing the same number over and over again? 111, 555, 1234? These are all angel signs and they are giving you a specific message about your life.  There are many sites that help interpret these numbers.  Dorren Virtue has a great book and app called Angel Numbers 101 or there is a great website called www.sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com that gives a great description of the numbers without any cost.  I love this messaging so much that this is my second post on Angel Numbers.  Here’s my first post on a few of the meanings of the numbers!  I’m so grateful for the direction and communication I am able to receive from my loved ones using this beautiful number system.

But you need to ask them for it!

Sometimes, they’ll send us messages but as soon as we ask them for a sign, it alerts them to your willingness to see their signs.  So, this week, ask your angels for a sign and begin to watch what happens.

Just yesterday, as I started to write this blog, I asked my angels to give me some signs so I could take pictures to include them in the post and I saw four within hours. So make your request and begin to watch out for them. Pay attention and when you see one, tell your angel “thank you” and then tell US about it! Take a picture and share it with us!

I’m going to start taking pictures of all of the ones I come across every day and am going to start posting them on Instagram so we can all share in their love.

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I am so excited to hear all of your stories this week! Please share in the comments down below what you asked to see and what angel signs you have found so we can all feel their love.

Love and Blessings,

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