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Find Your Crutches

May we all be so lucky to limp in pain…
Let me explain. This week, I injured myself at the gym and haven’t been able to walk without a big limp for the last day. My family has bent over backwards to help me. They’ve done extra chores, extra errands and extra trips to the other end of the house for me. It’s been amazing to be cared for in this way, and I’ve been so grateful. They’ve seen the outward expression of my pain and responded with compassion, love and support.
But it got me thinking…as most things do.
Grief, whether it is the grief from the loss of a loved one, a friendship, a relationship, our health, a job or a home can hurt just as badly, if not more, as this limp-causing injury, except that we don’t get the luxury of this outward expression of pain.
Our hurt is a concealed ache that remains hidden, except to those few souls we deem trustworthy of knowing about our injury. The truth is…anyone who is grieving has their days where, at best,
we limp along. We get by. We would do anything to have that extra support, that extra errand help or just a hand to hold to make us feel just a little bit stronger.
So what can we do? How can we get by on these days where our heart injuries make us feel like the day is unbearable?
We find our crutches.
We find the people we can reach out to and let them know we need help. The only difference between my limping pain and my broken heart is that someone knows what they can do to help because they can see how I need help. And I wish I had a set of physical crutches today. You know why? Because those crutches would make me feel supported, stronger and help me move forward in less pain.
And that is the very same assistance our hearts need to
move forward too.
As the owner of your own injury, you must love yourself enough to find and trust your crutches. Trust they will support you the second you lean on them. Let them in. Let them know you need help and how you need it because it might not be as obvious if you aren’t physically limping, but that does not mean your crutches don’t want to help you. You just need to tell them what you need.
Forward them this article with a note that says, “Crutch day.” Post this on your Facebook page. Email them. Let “Crutch day” be your sign so they know you need a hand to hold. You need someone to go to the store with you, or for you. Or you just need someone to sit on the phone with you silently while you cry. I have had some of the very best phone calls with my best friend this way.
But find that set of crutches. Find 2 people who can support either side of you.
Love yourself enough to elicit the support you need because we all need help sometimes.
Share this article and share your story with our community here so everyone here can feel supported too.
Sending you big love!
Love and Blessings,

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