Healing 2 minutes at a time


Here is a wonderful way to celebrate your loved one’s Angel Birthday and life.  Host your very own Angel Birthday Party!  Give your family a way to heal and a chance to feel in control of something during a time that often feels out of control.

Want to send a card instead? Send your family and friends one of these beautiful Angel Birthday sympathy cards.

Six Easy Steps!

1) Print out our color-in Happy Angel Birthday poster for everyone to color together as a family and hang it up.

2) Buy some eco-friendly latex helium balloons and Sharpies.  Give each member of your family a balloon and pen.  Write whatever is in your heart on that balloon-Wish them a Happy Angel Birthday, tell them how much you love them and thank them for what they have taught you.  Release your balloons and watch together as your angel receives your message!

3) Bake an Angel Birthday cake. Choose one of your loved ones’ favorite recipes, bake and frost it together.

4) Make memory boxes.  Have each person decorate their own memory box with pens, paint, pictures, glitter, stickers, etc and then choose an item that holds a special memory of your loved one. Place it in the box and bring it to your celebration to share with each other. Print out and answer the Angel Birthday Questionnaire to share and to keep in your memory box.

5)  Ask each person in the family to place a candle in the cake and light their own candle in honor of your special person.

6) Sing Happy Angel Birthday loud enough for the angels to hear!

Celebrate your loved one.  Their Angel Birthday is a special day to celebrate every year and the perfect time to give gratitude for how much this one person has changed your life.   Hosting an Angel Birthday party not only allows you to celebrate your love but it also gives your children a sense of control as they might be feeling like things are very “out of control” after the loss of their loved one.

Have your child choose the balloon colors, cake flavor, frosting colors, and decorations for the box.  An Angel Birthday party lends itself to healing and hope as you begin to move forward.  It’s a beautiful and healing celebration for the whole family.