Healing 2 minutes at a time

Getting past our reflection


Here is a picture of a puddle and the rest is the story that came about because of its reflection.

Our life is often a reflection of our thoughts.

Look around you and all that is happening in your life and see how it might just represent how you’re feeling in this moment.

Now, this can be one of life’s greatest challenges when we’re grieving because our thoughts are frequently filled with sorrow, brokenness, and heartache. We grieve the life we once had before losing a loved one, a relationship or our health.

So how can we not let our thoughts dictate our life? How can we help ourselves bring in more of the reflection we want to see?

We look deeper. We look past that reflection to the core of who we are and find what is constant, solid, and never changing.

Underneath that beautiful puddle reflection is concrete. The water that provides the canopy for that reflection rests on solid ground.

Look inward and find your solid ground. It is in the inner most part of you and is what connects you to God. It is in this quiet, solid place we can begin to find reason for the struggle, find purpose for our pain and perhaps, one day, find gratitude for the strength we’ve gained through it all.

Here’s your simple 2 minute map to get you there. Sit with your legs criss-crossed and with your hands in your lap either folded or with each hand grasping the thumb of the other hand, allowing your fingers to fall over the thumbs.

*This is called the Diamond fist mudra because it helps you to create a mind that is hard as a diamond as you begin to control your thoughts and reach that concrete place of connection and serenity.*

Envision a large tree root growing out the base of your spine and growing into the center of earth, attaching yourself to the earth. Envision the top of your head connecting to heaven, God, or your higher self, whatever feels best to you. Begin to imagine beautiful gold glitter coming down that connection and filling your heart and your body with that warm, beautiful glittery love. Watch that warm glitter pass through you and makes its way to the center of the earth. Watch as that gold glitter touches every cell in your body.

Allow yourself to become this channel between heaven and Earth. Allow yourself to get quiet and connect to that silent space in you where there are no thoughts. Allow that place to grow and grow. Give gratitude for the fact that you’re taking this time to grow this space. This will help grow your quiet space. Second, give gratitude that this space is growing. This will make that space grow even more.

Concrete silence. Concrete gratitude. Concrete serenity.

The reflection of your life rests on concrete. Find your way to the very foundation that will help you be in control of your reflection and watch what happens. Two minutes a days grows to five minutes to 10 to 30 and then you will find this place of strength and serenity that cannot be altered by any thought and then your life will reflect the same.

How did this work for you this week? Share with our community and inspire everyone here to take control of their thoughts and their reflections in their life.

Excited to read your stories!

Sending you big love!

Live and Blessings,

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