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How do your angels show up for you?

How do your angels show up for you?

You might remember my article from last year on Five Ways Our Angels Communicate with Us. Today we’re going to talk about a new, unique angel sign that showed up in my life today, and I hope it sparks the conversation for everyone here to share their unique angel signs that have shown up in their life recently.

Yesterday, one of my best friends and I were talking about how her angels come into her life. For her, she sees hearts everywhere in answer to prayers and requests. She sees these hearts in trees, rocks and water droplets. Her angel hearts have been a confirmation of divine love and support. It has been amazing for her. The more she sees, the more signs she is given. That is the way it works!

So when I asked her for major prayers yesterday for today’s upcoming struggles, she said she would make a point to pray today and send me her angels. I have to be honest. I didn’t think twice about it.  I know my friend is so good about follow-through, and I also know we get very busy. We heal with intention, and she had such strong intention to pray for me. So I figured, whether or not she remembered to pray for me today, I was covered.

And I felt covered yesterday, so I completely put it out of my mind today. Until I went to Pete’s coffee bright and early this morning and received this amazing sign. You can imagine my surprise when I ordered my coffee and saw this:coffee


I was flooded with emotion. My eyes welled up, and I thanked the barista no less than ten times for her beautiful foam heart. I told her she had no idea how much it meant to me this morning. (I also think the angels use these situations to give it all right back. I couldn’t help but to think that, maybe, that barista needed my appreciation for her today, too.) I had been in that very same Pete’s coffee yesterday and I did not get a heart in my coffee’s foam. Without a doubt, this was my sign.

I took a picture before putting the lid on, walked to my car to grab a book and then headed back into Pete’s coffee to spend a few minutes. I finally remembered to text my friend this picture telling her thank you for sending me her angels, and here was her text response:

“That is crazy! I just paused 10 minutes ago in the middle of my workout, did the sign of the cross, and asked God and the angels to be with you today.”

Her prayer and my coffee heart were simultaneous events. It was amazing, and it’s just how the angels work. They want us to feel supported and loved. They hear our prayers AND they answer them. But I never actually thought about sending my angels to someone else. I’ve never seen a heart. I am always seeing numbers as my angel signs. This morning, I also saw this sign in my car:



Repeating ones means that heaven is listening and manifesting our thoughts quickly. We must hand our fears over to heaven. What a perfect message to receive on a day that was going to be so difficult. Grateful to start my day with a coffee angel heart and my established angel numbers love.

But I found it fascinating this morning that my friend sent me her angels and they showed up for me just as they show up for her. This week, I want us to do an experiment.

If you’re familiar with which angel signs you consistently see, try sending your angels to someone in your life who needs them this week. Then ask them if they’ve started to notice a sign that your angels might be around. I was so fascinated by this experience today that I couldn’t help but to put it out to all of you to see if you’ve experienced this angel phenomena. The idea of sharing our own angels with someone we love feels like the ultimate gesture of love. And who couldn’t use a few more angels around them anyway?

No matter if it’s hearts, numbers, coins, music or feathers, we are all fortunate to receive these beautiful signs of love and support from heaven.

How do your angels show up for you? Have you ever sent your angels to watch over someone else in need? Did they start to see the same signs? Post pictures below of the angel signs that show up for you! We can’t wait to hear your amazing stories.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


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