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Seeking out our blessings

So often, we get attached to the way we think things are supposed to be. We think life is supposed to turn out a certain way. Certain people are supposed to be in our life.

The truth is, if we can let go of that attachment to the who, what, when or why in our life, we will open ourselves up to receive and recognize the many blessings that are pouring onto us.

Here is a sweet story about this very thing:

My daughter joined 4-H this year and is showing a chicken at our county fair. I worked very hard to ensure I registered her chickens properly at the fair and followed every precise rule, as I had been warned that the fair is very strict with their rules.

The morning of the competition, the names and order were posted and my daughter’s name was absent from the list. I scoured my emails searching for my confirmation, only to discover I didn’t register her properly. Turns out, I needed to register my daughter too in order for her to “show” the chickens.

I have to admit a piece of me was still attached to this idea but the majority of me remained in trust, knowing all things happen for a reason and life happens for us, not to us.

It was my daughter’s first time ever at this competition and she had been feeling incredibly nervous and unsure about this whole event anyway. I kept the faith and I kept “looking” for the blessing in the situation.

Then, it poured all over us!

She watched the competition and how the other children showed their birds. She watched the judge award our birds their best in class awards in their cages. Then, the judge gave my daughter her own private evaluation. She walked her step by step though every detail of how to “show” her bird. The judge gave her pointers on what to do and what not to do and made my daughter feel confident and fulfilled by this experience. For my daughter who is the researcher and likes to be fully prepared, this blessing proved to be the best experience she could ever receive.

But it got me thinking about this article. What if I stayed attached to the idea she had to be IN the competition? What if I left because she wasn’t officially in it? What if I got into a negative space about it and the judge never felt like offering this private time?

By remaining unattached, the blessings that were supposed to flow into our life were able to fill our day.

This story is about more than just chickens…although I only have chickens on my brain this week.

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