Healing 2 minutes at a time

Holding Our Own Hearts

I heard a sad story today that is probably not the only one of its kind. A colleague was talking about her friend whose son was tragically killed. Her friend appeared to be in the same grief space she was in when her son had died years ago and she was concerned that she hadn’t begun to heal. 

This grief thing…it is so tough. 

We must be the commander of our own journey. We must know when it is time to halt the journey. We must know when to begin to start the motor and when it is time to begin to move full steam ahead. But sometimes we just don’t know how to move, even if we feel motivated.

The truth is, we must take action to heal. This phrase alone can sound daunting. The word “action” can sound daunting. However, that action doesn’t always have to be as active as it sounds.

There are no rules in grief. There are no guidelines and there certainly aren’t any timetables.

So what can these beginning healing actions look like when we hardly have enough energy to make it through our day?


Setting intention that you would like to heal is a powerful start. Intention is everything. We can sit, reflect and grieve and yet set the intention that we are beginning our healing process and our heart will hear it and begin to heal. As we covered in a past blog, it is imperative to Close For Repairs in order to have enough energy to heal your broken heart. When you think you might be ready to begin, start with a one minute intention that you are going to begin to heal.

Say to yourself, “I intend to give myself the love I need to heal my broken heart. I intend to be open to love, healing and grace.” Then add whatever else you feel called to add to your intention.

After you have set your intention, notice how healing might already have begun to take place. You might find yourself more available to others’ healing encouragement, your may notice the sun shining in the window, you may find yourself breathing a little deeper. Allow the power of intention to work its magic in your heart.

Heart Holding

Once you’ve set that intention, sit and physically hold your own heart/chest for one minute. Set a timer. It’s only one minute, but it will be a very powerfully healing one minute.  Place your hands over your beautiful grieving heart and send it the love that it needs. Nourish your own heart with your own love. Receive that love and then notice how different you feel after that one minute. Do you feel a little warmer? A little more grounded? A little more prepared to move forward?

How did your 2 minutes of healing go for you this week? What intention did you set? How did you feel after your heart holding? Share your experience to encourage others in our community to heal too and share this with your loved one who may need a little guidance on how to begin to heal their own hearts 2 minutes at a time.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,



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