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Erin Garay is a speaker, Reiki Master, Aura-soma practitioner, Minister of Consolation through the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and the author of the Healing Your Grief 2 Minutes at a Time healing journal and Angel Birthdays, a positive children’s grief book that repositions the day we lose a loved one.  Grief shows up in our life in more ways that we realize and that very grief can only be healed through action.  Erin’s mission is to help people heal their hearts through small actionable steps.  www.facebook.com/angelbirthdays

Grief Workshops:

Grief is not limited to death.  We grieve any major life change and Erin’s message addresses how we can heal our pain more efficiently and effectively once we recognize that what we are feeling is grief.  Erin’s approachable and empathic manner makes this subject welcoming and inspiring.  She has several unique talks she can bring to your organization.  A few of these include:

  •  HEALING YOUR GRIEF 2 MINUTES AT A TIME WORKSHOP- Throughout this 90 minute interactive workshop, Erin walks you through what a pivotal role grief plays in our lives, how we can remain awake during the process and how we can actually utilize its power to grow and strengthen our hearts. You will discover that grief is not just limited to death but that all change creates a certain amount of grief. Once we recognize those emotions as grief, we are able to work through them more efficiently and effectively. Together, we will complete several exercises that will not only help you define the source of your grief but also to find compassion, new perspective and healing for yourself and your circumstance.

Traditional Talks:


-Grief is not limited to death.  We encounter grief in every life change.  We grieve the life we once had before death, divorce, illness, caring for aging parents, before marriage, before children, before we had to compromise.

– Small grieve vs. the big grieve

– What happens during those life experiences

-We learn how not to be a victim through getting rid of two words, “I thought”

-God’s plan for our life

-The importance of taking time to heal our emotions

-Heal our hearts by 1 degree visualization

-Compassion exercise


  • HEALING YOUR GRIEF 2 MINUTES AT A TIME TALK- A 30-60 minute talk on the importance of healing our emotions and the ways grief shows up in our lives. An abridged version of her workshop talk that eliminates most of the exercises but keeps all the healing and inspiring messaging.


  • HEALING YOUR GRIEF THROUGH GRATITUDE, LOVE AND CELEBRATION- Did you know that the healing process of emotions is similar with a small grieve as it is with a big grieve? Erin walks us through the process of recognizing that we are experiencing grief through many of life’s changes. We learn how to recognize how grief shows up in our everyday life and how to heal that grief.


Energy Boot Camp:

ENERGY BOOT CAMP—Every week, Erin hosts an Energy Boot Camp class that covers a different area of growth each week.  The class learns many techniques and tools to heal and balance their energy and life. These classes are incredible popular and  life-changing. Check out the class HERE!

ENERGY BOOT CAMP CORPORATE—A 2 day corporate leadership development and team-building workshop that teaches leaders how to ground their energy before presentations, speak their truth and remain connected to their team and their mission.  Check out our workshop HERE!

What is her audience saying about her?

“Erin provides the perfect blend of content, humor, compassion, and valuable tools we can all use.  Her message is establishing her as an innovator in positive grief management.”- Heather Pietsch

“Erin’s warm, compassionate and real approach to the difficult subject of grief makes her talk a life-changing and applicable message for everyone. “-Paul Julch, Owner Urbanite Suburbanite

“Erin addresses grief in a positive, straight-forward yet loving manner. Her delivery of this challenging subject is so comforting and relatable that it puts everyone who hears it at ease.”-Susan Jensen, PAX Program Leader



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