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Healing the bridges between us

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I hosted a meditation this week to help heal the challenging relationships we might have in our lives. It got me thinking. For some of us here, we may be struggling with having lost our loved one to death when our relationship with them wasn’t healed. Maybe we were in an argument. Maybe we hadn’t spoken to them in years. Maybe we wish we could have a redo of the very last conversation we had with them. Anyone? I know I have one of those! We can still very much grieve a person and be mad at them at the same time. But it can feel a little confusing right? Am I sad? Am I mad? What am I feeling? That is grief in a nutshell. We feel all things combined and feel them with an exclamation point!

However, we can heal that relationship even if our loved one has passed away.

Why would we do that, you ask?

Forgiveness heals your heart. It helps you. It improves your health, your heart and your life. Forgiveness is powerful and you can heal the relationship from your side only and it helps you both.

Maybe you’re not ready to forgive and forget, and that’s OK.

I invite you to listen to the meditation in this week’s video and actively participate and just see what happens. Use it as an experiment. I promise, it’s a worthy experiment.

We use many different tools on this site for healing and this week we are going to bring in the trifecta of Archangels to help us through this amazing meditation. I hosted this very meditation with a group earlier in the week and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of relationship healing that has blossomed from these participants completing the meditation. It has been so amazing.

In the video, we will call upon Archangel Michael to protect us and our hearts from harm, Archangel Raphael to help heal our hearts and Archangel Raguel to help harmonize the relationships we are struggling with at this time. Archangels are messengers of God and we can call upon them to help us when we just can’t seem to get there ourselves. I think this works for a couple of reasons. First, by asking for these Archangels to help, we detach from the situation. Detaching alone allows us to let go and let God in. Secondly, as I mentioned just two sentences prior, Archangels are messengers of God. Archangel Michael is written about in the Bible, Torah and even in the Qur’an. These Archangels help us do God’s work and help us heal all that is still undone. SO let’s let the angels do the work we just can’t seem to get done ourselves. All of us have relationships that could use some divine assistance, don’t we? Let’s use them this week and begin to bring some healing, some forgiveness and more love than you’ve ever known to your heart. Because by clearing these relationships, we heal our own hearts and will reap the benefits both emotionally and physically.

Please join us for this beautiful bridge clearing meditation:

Invite Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raguel to make a circle around you, helping you to feel safe and secure. Begin to surrender. When you feel ready, begin to build a bridge across to your loved one. Once completed, take a look at it. What does it look like? Is it mossy, tattered, made of wood, stone, high, low? The condition of this bridge provides a really strong message to you about the current state of that relationship. Starting at your heart, ask those three Archangels to clean the bridge between you and your loved one. Envision this cleaning in whatever way makes sense to you- vacuuming, mopping, dusting, sprinkling angel dust. Allow them to clean that bridge all the way until it reaches your loved one’s heart. What does that bridge look like now? Is it pearly white and clean? Did it break and disappear? This too, is very helpful information for you about the status of this relationship in your life.

When you’ve completed this exercise with one person, complete it with two or more other people. Notice how the bridges look different from the other bridges. Notice the change and see how that correlates to your relationship with them in real life.

Once you are done clearing your bridges, pull all of that beautiful angel love back into your heart and envision all three angels placing their hands upon your heart as you absorb their love and healing. Begin to feel the forgiveness, compassion; love and healing multiply in your own heart.

When you are done, thank all three Archangels for their healing, clearing and love.

Now comes the best part, watch what happens in the days to come. If your loved one is alive, did something healing happen between the two of you? If your loved one has passed away, did you receive an angel sign? Here’s my past article on the Top 5 Angel Signs we receive from our loved ones. Once something happens, post it here. We can’t wait to celebrate in your relationship healing. Your sharing may inspire someone else to do their meditation too. Again, I can’t begin to tell you the amazing stories I’ve received from this meditation from the local group this week and I hope the same healing happens for you too!

Please share your stories down below. Inspire someone here to heal and forgive too!

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,






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