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GRIEF: HEALING GRIEF 2 MINUTES AT A TIME #8: “All is well” The Bible and our angels say so

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Hello Beautiful Person! Welcome back to healing your grief two minutes at a time. Today is my bible new age mashup and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed piecing it together over the last few weeks. The theme of today is “all is well” and I know that that can feel hard to even say those words when we are in the thick of our grief because nothing really feels well during those moments. So I want to start with sharing a bible story that has been incredibly helpful for me. It is the story of the Shunammite woman that Elijah had prophesize that she would have a son and she did and at 10 that little boy died in a field. So she was pretty upset so she got on her horse and headed to Elijah to see what was going on and when she was encountered by a man, he said, “How are you?” and she said, “All is well.” And then he said, “Well, what’s going on? How is your husband?” and she said, “All is well.” And then he said,” What about your son? What’s going on with your son?” He knew something had to be amiss and she said “All is well.” It is so amazing to me that this woman, in the midst of her grief, could have such amazing faith that she could not be wavered. She just knew, all was well. God was in control and she could just let go. I found that phrase to just grow my faith exponentially for me to just sit there and say, “All is well”

And if you can’t get there with just the bible verse, I want you to take a moment to look around at your environment because your angels send you messages as well. If you happen to notice the 111 on the clock, 11:11. Our angels send us, one of the ways our angels send us messages, is through numbers. The number combination 444 actually means “All is well.” If you wake up in the middle of the night at 4:44 or if you are driving down the freeway and it says 444-XXXX call me now, that is a sign. It’s not a coincidence. It is a sign from your angel letting you know that all is well. All is well with them and all is well with you. I know that can be hard to have that moment but take that moment and if you have a moment of feeling like all is well and you’re feeling good, I want you to harness that energy, hold onto it and then I want you to send it to yourself yesterday when nothing felt well. Then, I want you to take that same “All is well” energy and send it ahead of you to yourself tomorrow or the next day, or the next day to let that person know that all is well and all is going to be well. Begin by taking care of your own heart.

All is well and all will be well. Just hang in there and believe. I can not wait to hear all of your “All is well” stories in the comments down below. Please subscribe to my channel and I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care.

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