Healing 2 minutes at a time

What’s your heart song?

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There are days that are just messy.  There are some weeks that are just messy.  This is one of those weeks for me.

But what I’m finding is that…

We can use that messiness to our advantage. 

We can take all that messiness and use it to heal parts of our hearts we didn’t even realize needed healing.  It’s usually these precise messy moments that do the very best job of cracking us open and getting us into the prime place to cry, purge and heal.

What if we had a tool that could help maximize that healing during our vulnerable times or help us connect to what needs to be healed during our less messy times?

Music is one of the most powerful grief healing tools we could ever use on our broken little hearts.  The right song will stop us in our tracks and turn us to tears..no matter where we are…the grocery story, the library, work or home.

But rather than letting it “hit us” when we don’t want to turn into a puddle of tears, what if we took three minutes this week and did some therapeutic heart song crying?

What’s your heart song?

There is always a song for our loved one that we’re grieving.  Maybe it’s their favorite song, maybe it’s just a few words from the song that touches us, maybe it’s a made up song, but we know when we hear it that it’s their song. Our heart song connects us to our loved ones and all we hold in our hearts for them- the love, the laugher, the grief, the sadness and the joy.  Our heart song touches it all.

I attended a beautiful funeral today of a dear family friend. Mid-way through the ceremony,  the musician played “Ava Maria”.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  I  realized in that moment how quickly we all started to cry upon hearing this song, yet we often find it so hard to connect to our wounds that need to be released and healed in this very same way.  Everyone began to cry but held back or hid their tears because we were in a public place. It inspired everything about this week’s activity.

This week, we’re going to empower ourselves to use this powerful music tool to our advantage this week. We are going to carve out a safe space for ourselves, set our healing intention, put on our heart song and cry, remember and release.  Give yourself permission to let go for three minutes and then watch what happens next. You may just find yourself to be more content, more at peace and hopefully a little more healed than before you dedicated three minutes to your healing.

Let your heart song help heal your heart.

What song did you choose?  Share the title of your heart song and your memory or what you healed down below in the comments.  You may just inspire someone else’s healing with your song.  Take the three minutes for you, for your heart and for your loved one.

I can’t wait to hear all of the beautiful music we make together this week.

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