Healing 2 minutes at a time

2 minute healing challenge: Absorbing God’s healing love

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I gave the most heartfelt talk this week for a women’s church group on all the ways grief shows up in our life and on how God uses that very grief to bring us closer to him to prepare us and ready us for our larger divine purpose here.  It was so amazing.  And while grief shows up in so many different ways in our life, the same thing remains true.

We must take the time we need to honor and heal our hearts and find a way to actually let the love in.

That healing time can look so different for people.  For some, it may be attending a grief group.  For others, it could be journaling, or listening to music or talking with a friend.  But at the core of all of these activities, is a pausing as we allow God’s healing presence, grace and love to fill our hearts and bodies so they can be healed.

It’s imperative that we take that time to heal because our emotions will make us physically sick if we don’t take time to heal them.  Brene’ Brown was recently on Super Soul Sunday discussing emotional stockpiling and she said, ” Our bodies keep track and they always win.”

The truth is, we just can’t keep holding onto all of our emotions.  The results will surface somehow, someway.  Louise Hay has an amazing book and phone app called, Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them that is filled with a comprehensive list of physical ailments and the specific emotions that cause each unique ailment.  It is shocking how accurate the associated emotions are to our ailments. As long as we are honest with ourselves, we can take that awareness and begin to use it to heal our hearts and our struggle. God is there for us.  He has this unending supply of healing love just waiting there for us.  We just have to open up to it and let it in.

So how can we make the most of this beautiful love that God is sending down to us to heal?  We take our 2 minutes this week and absorb it.

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Place your feet flat on the floor and picture tree roots growing out the bottoms of your feet.  Picture a tube connecting the top of your head to heaven.  Then, picture God pouring down beautiful golden glitter water full of love down this tube that fills you all up, head to toe.  Allow it to begin to soften your heart, heal the broken parts you haven’t even been able to talk about yet.  You see, you don’t have to tell God about those parts.  He knows what hurts. He knows what you’re struggling with right now.  You just have to let him in.

This week is all about the let in.  Let the warmth in. Let the love in.  Let the healing in and let the healing begin.  Two minutes is all it takes.

When I had an entire room of women do this exercise, the room shifted.  You could feel the love and healing going on all around you. It was amazing!! I want the same thing for you too this week. Give yourself 2 minutes.  Right now.  Don’t go and do something else.  Don’t put it off.  Give yourself these 2 minutes right now. Your heart will thank you for it.  Set your timer right now and begin…and then share your experience with all of us.

We can’t wait to hear how this visualization works for you! Did you begin to feel a little more healed?  A little tingly?  A little warmer?  A little more filled?

Share your experience with us so you can help inspire others to take their 2 minutes too and then share this exercise with all of your loved ones so they can take their two minute healing challenge too.


Sending you big love!


Love and Blessings,


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