Healing 2 minutes at a time


No one ever wants to forget the special details of a loved one.

It is in remembering their favorite color, food or experience that keeps them close to our heart.  As time goes on, life can get busy and it becomes more difficult to recall each of those things.

The Angel Birthday Questionnaire will bring your family together to reminisce on all of those wonderful moments and, at the same time, provide you with a chance to make your own keepsake.  Print an Angel Birthday questionnaire for each person in your family and have each family member complete it as a part of your Angel Birthday party.  Go around the table and share your answers as you celebrate your Angel’s life.

After the Angel Birthday party, be sure to have your child place the questionnaires into their newly decorated memory box.

Download the Questionnaire!

*Be sure to scan a copy of your completed questionnaire and save it in your computer so you can always have another copy, just in case!