Healing 2 minutes at a time


No party is complete without decorations!

Print out our Happy Angel Birthday color-in poster and let your children enjoy turning it into their own masterpiece.  Color the poster, glue it onto construction paper and hang it by threading ribbon through it.  Or just tape each individual piece of paper to your sliding glass door along with pictures of your Angel posing with each you!

No matter how it is colored, this Happy Angel Birthday sign will become a treasured decoration for your Angel Birthday celebration.  Not only does this activity provide a great banner for your party but also gives your children an opportunity to “do” something during this challenging time.  They now have a role to play amidst all the other planning.  They are in charge of the banner!

Watch them own it and be filled with pride as they are creating something so special for this person they loved so much too!

Download the Birthday Poster!