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A few months ago, I wrote an article on the power of choosing love over fear. It’s a powerful concept rooted in text in A Course in Miracles. I’ve tried to live this practice but, up until this week, I never knew I was approaching it backwards. You see, whenever I would feel afraid of something, I’d try to find a way to love the situation, find love for the person in the situation or find greater love and compassion for myself in the situation, knowing I was the one hurting, in order to reach a level of love that would conquer my fear. But to be honest, I was only about 50/50 on the success of actually finding a place of love and peace when feeling fearful. I still felt scared I would lose someone else. I still felt scared to be vulnerable with someone. I still let fear win initially ….until I could catch myself and work myself back to a place of love, but I would have to work so hard. It was exhausting.

Until I learned a way to reimagine this whole concept that removes the loophole of needing to catch myself and needing to work so hard to get to that love baseline.

Start a love cycle.

What’s my initial feeling? What’s my initial intention? How can I change my thoughts, and my feelings, to start from that loving place from the very beginning?

After listening to a talk given by the late Wayne Dyer on the HayHouse World Summit this week, (If you haven’t checked out this free resource of amazing speakers and movies you still have one week left of this life-changing offering. Register here: https://www.hayhouseworldsummit.com/learn) I was blown away by his perspective shift on this very subject of love versus fear.

Mr. Dyer said to the audience so beautifully,

“Everything that is love cannot be fear. Everything that is fear cannot be love.

How much of your life is based on decisions derived from fear?

Do you eat the foods you eat because if you don’t you’re afraid you’ll get sick? Or do you do it out of love for your body knowing that this is your body, the temple you live in, and you want to treat it that way?

Do you drive the speed limit in your neighborhood because you love everyone around you and you want them to be safe or because you are afraid, if you don’t, you’ll get a ticket? ”

What a shift, right? Can you relate to these feelings? I sure could and it rocked me to my core…which is great because that is where this shift needed to take place.

Sometimes trying to shift the stuff that feels really scary is a tough place to start. There can be too much fear there and it can feel hopeless. I think we’re supposed to start with these simple everyday situations and begin to build up the momentum by starting the love cycle.

These two examples are subtle shifts in our everyday life, except that these “minor” situations take up a great amount of time in our day. How much time do we spend shopping, cooking, cleaning up after and eating our food? How much time do we spend driving?  Maybe if we make this simple shift to love here in those seemingly inconsequential spaces, those big scary things in our life, like moving forward after a loss or trusting again after a broken heart, can feel a little less scary if we’ve already built up our love momentum.

How are you living your life? How are you healing your life? Later in the same talk, Deepak Chopra talks about how love heals us on a cellular level. It helps our cells return to its original state of homeostasis where the cells can remain stable regardless of external conditions. Just by choosing love right from the start. Once we start with love, we end up having more. Love manifests and grows more and more. It gains momentum on that love cycle. The opposite can be true, as well. If we focus on fear, we find more fear. Which will you choose? How will you begin your day? Can you start your own love cycle?

Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer give this amazing talk I’ve referenced in this article together. If you’d like to watch this talk, click HERE. I highly recommend it!

We can’t wait to hear your beautiful stories! If you watched the video, what was your favorite part? Inspire others by sharing your healing shift? How did you start your own love cycle? What simple area in your life were you able to reimagine? How will you shift your thinking to help heal your heart, your day and your life?

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,





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