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Healing our need to withdraw while grieving

So often after we lose a loved one, we withdraw. It feels scary to invest in relationships and friendships. It feels like too much work to give our energy to something that might end too. We have moments of feeling so exhausted that we can’t bear the thought of reaching out or connecting to someone else.

This lack of connection or feeling disconnected is a symptom of our energy being blocked in our 2nd chakra or what is also referred to as our sacral chakra. This energy area is located in the space between our tailbone and belly button. This energy block can happen as a result of our grief experiences. Here’s how it works…An event happens in our life and emotions are created. Our emotions create energy and then that energy manifests all sorts of symptoms in our perfect little bodies. Have you had increased bladder or kidney infections? Abdominal cramping? Low libido? Irregular menstrual cycle? These are a few of the ways this energy manifests itself with the physical body.

Our second chakra energy is drained by feeling a loss of control or when we feel emotionally isolated which, when we are grieving, can be quite often. Our emotions feel so big to us that we feel like we shouldn’t share them or if we do share them, they come out so big that we end up isolated from certain relationships. Sometimes we’re isolated because those around can’t face us. It’s not that they don’t love us, we just represent a loss to them that is palatable and too hard for them to face. It frightens them to face it. Either way, we still end up being the ones alone and disconnected.

So now that we know we have this challenge, what are we supposed to do about it?

There are many different tools we can use to heal our second chakra, including essential oils, food, our wardrobe. Here is a past blog that I wrote about these tools in great detail on Healing the 2nd Chakra.

In addition to all of those great tools, I want you to find a way to reflect within water somehow. Maybe it’s a bath, a shower, washing dishes or maybe you’re lucky enough take a dip in ocean. Our second chakra is a water element so water begins to move that energy in this region. Then we’ll do these three things:

1) Repeat to yourself “I enjoy life fully”. Whether it is true for you right now or not, repeat this mantra for just 1 minute.
2) Take pleasure in the water. Play in the water. Allow the water to warm your skin. Maybe even gargle with the water. Throw it in the air. Feel alive for 1 minute with this water. Do this with the intention of receiving the pleasure of playing in this water and when you’re husband, wife or roommate comes home and is wondering why you are throwing water around the kitchen… start a water fight with them. Who can keep from smiling during a water fight? Coincidence? Hardly.
3) Hold your hands on your second chakra, the space below your belly button, and give gratitude for all the things that are bringing you pleasure right now. Even if it is just a pint of ice cream. Just start. But feel the gratitude and the pleasure in that area as you hold onto that space and feel the energy in this space transform itself.

Then, watch what happens. Do you find that you are feeling more connected to people? Do you feel a little more willing to reach out to loved ones? Do you feel less guilty or filled with blame? Energy is an amazing thing. Emotions move our energy in a certain way but we can also use our energy to move our emotions in a certain way. Energy work is so healing and so empowering. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you this week.

For those of you in the SF Bay Area, join me for me second chakra healing class THIS SUNDAY. Click here for tickets.

I can’t wait to hear how this tip trio helps you heal your second chakra. Did you notice anything different? Did some of your symptoms go away? What was your experience? Share your experience with others so they are inspired to balance their sacral chakra too.

Sending you big love!
Love and Blessings,
water healing

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