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GRIEF: HEALING GRIEF 2 MINUTES AT A TIME #20: Sacral Chakra healing

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Hello Beautiful Person! Welcome back to healing your grief two minutes at a time! This week, we are delving into our second chakra and this chakra holds all of our passion and pleasure and intimacy and relationships and connection. It also holds our childhood trauma from years 7-14 and I know all of us have stuff that needs to be healed during all of those formative years. Finally, this area also holds all of our endings and beginnings. As part of the grief journey, we are coming to peace with a relationship that ended so that is like a double-whammy for this chakra. So it is so important that we take time to nourish and do what we can do to help support this area of our body. We can DO many things.

COLOR: First, this area is represented by orange so throw on your orange shirt, orange pajamas, orange jewelry. Rock your orange this week!

FOOD: Food for this area- enjoy all of your sweet foods-cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, peaches, almonds, cinnamon. Enjoy everything orange that is going to be warming and nourishing for that inner child in us who is working through a lot of things that our adult self is working through too.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Orange blossom and ylang ylang. This area is also represented by our water element so this is a fantastic week to take a bath with our essential oils and really sit there and take some time to reflect not only on the person we are grieving over but also take time to reflect on that inner child and those experiences from 7-14 and maybe you can make some connection. Maybe you can just heal that inner child and what a better time. We are incredibly sensitive when we are grieving and how wonderful to take this time to heal not only this experience but maybe something from our past so when we come through this storm, we are stronger and better than we were then when we entered this. I really believe that is why these experiences come into our life- to strengthen us and make us better and so you can come out even farther than when you entered this whole experience.

SOUND: The sound for this chakra is VAM. Again, we close our eyes for two minutes or however many minutes feels comfortable for you and you say,”VAM, VAM, VAM” and that frequency will begin to build some energy in our second chakra.

SENSE: The sense for this area is our sense of taste. So, again, sweet fruits and honey and everything that is nourishing and delicious for that child within.

YOGA: Finally our yoga pose for this week. We have two. Since it is a water element, the sun salutation and the fluid movement in between each are really helpful as well as child’s pose. It not only opens our pelvic region but it also takes care of that child and really that is what this week is all about is taking care of that child within and helping us learn to reconnect with those relationships in our lives.

You get a bonus this week!!!

Two inches below our belly button, if you can picture kind of what would look like a bouncy ball of energy is located two inches below and it’s called your Dantian. So stand up and put your feet shoulder width apart, facing forward and sit down a little bit like your in a chair half way. I want you to create a basket with your hands, palms facing you and stand there for as long as you can with a straight back. Start with two minutes, work yourself up to 15 minutes and as you stand there you’ll begin to feel the energy collect within your basket. And when you can stand no more, I want you to grab all that energy and I want you to hug it into your sacral area and rub it into your dantian and, over time, you’ll begin to feel stronger in that area. You will begin to feel more connected in your relationships and you will feel that inner child beginning to feel so healed and so happy. I can not wait to hear your comments down below.Please subscribe to my channel and have a wonderful week. Take care.

Thank you Flourish FengShui for all of your great info. If you’d like to read her article in full, check it out HERE

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