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The Blessings of Serendipity

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There has been so much serendipity in my life these past few days- everything from buying the wrong-sized coat for my husband online to meeting snafus. But they all had a common thread…

incredible circumstances producing incredible blessings that ultimately deserved infinite gratitude. 

Serendipity doesn’t come through with trumpets and signs, it’s nuance and subtleties that we think are coincidences or “luck” but if we can pause and give true gratitude for this direction and blessing, we will attract more of this “luck” into our lives.  Although it doesn’t always start out looking like “luck” though…

Here are my two simple examples from this week alone. I purchased a jacket for my husband in an incorrect size only to return it to the store where the salesperson was elated because it was his size and he then didn’t need to drive an hour to the next nearest store that had it. I “happen” to return and rebuy the same coat during the sales window so I received 40% off the very same jacket.

Today, I was going to attend a yoga class and check out a location to host more classes and the yoga teacher ended up with a personal emergency and couldn’t attend. Turns out, the Director of the facility was there to greet me and my friend to let people know there would be no class. Everyone else had received the notification of the class cancellation so it was only the two of us and this lovely person who was the precise contact to help me set up courses at the facility. The three of us spent great quality time getting to know each other and discussing the many ways we could work together.  Serendipity.

But had I stopped at the first sentence with either scenario…it would’ve been frustration, disappointment, letdown. The wrong size, more effort, no yoga class, no exercise. Bah!

But look what happens when we keep reading. Money saved, effort saved, connections made, more classes established. Serendipity, blessings, guidance, gratitude. But we’ve got to keep reading. We’ve got to get past that first sentence in this blog and in our life. Are you willing to read past the first sentence in your life to get past the frustrations and get to the blessings?

The definition of serendipity is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Do they need to be on accident? I think we can bring in more serendipity if we are grateful for evey situation that presents itself. We just need to discover the blessing in disguise.

I just gave two examples from the past few days yet this happens all the time. Is it possible to have valuable things happen that we don’t seek out when we are grieving? Let’s not leave it to chance anymore. If we take a moment to look for the serendipity found in our struggles, we may just find something we never expected or sought but that will bless us beyond compare. Is there a hidden blessing in what you are going through right now? Why wait to accidentally find it? Seek it out.

One of my favorite serendipity stories is when we were clearing out my mom’s house after she had passed away and we had bags and bags of towels and washcloths. Anyone here can attest how exhausting it is, both physically and emotionally, to clean out the family house. (First sentence) We took the bags to her favorite women’s shelter (where we had donated many of her things) and we were greeted at the front porch by the woman in charge who had a shopping list in her hand. She was on her way out to buy supplies for the house and guess what was at the top of her list? Yep, towels and washcloths. (Second, third and fourth sentences!)

Yes, our grief journeys hurt and cause us to feel things deeper than we ever expected, but then we get to feel things and experience things deeper than we ever expected. What could be a better way to live. Grief ultimately makes us live and love fully. We get to notice the gifts in the chaos. As we give gratitude for more and more of these serendipity blessings, the more they will come into our lives.  Our challenges can become blessings for someone else. What’s your serendipity blessing of the week? What’s happened? What did you seek out as a blessing in a situation that might have been frustrating if you stopped at frustration? Did you stay stuck in the frustration or did you find the blessing?

We can’t wait to hear what blessings you found in your week or in your struggle. Please share and inspire someone else to begin to look for the serendipity. The more we find, the more blessings we will receive.

Sending you big love!


Love  and Blessings,


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