Healing 2 minutes at a time

The power of silent eyes

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So often when we’re grieving, we never feel heard.  I mean really feel heard.  We don’t feel understood.  We don’t feel like anyone could possibly understand how much we hurt or how lost we feel.  This leaves us feeling very isolated and very, very alone.

What if we could do something that would make us feel connected and understood?  What if it only took 2 minutes?  Sounds pretty good, right?

Well this week, we are going to do a partner healing and really heal that part in our heart that is aching to connect and to be heard and understood.


Ask a friend or family member who might also be struggling with something to partner with you on this healing exercise.

And let’s face it; we’re all struggling with something.

Sit across from each other and decide who will talk first and who will listen first. Set your timer for 2 minutes.  When the talker begins to talk for their 2 full minutes, the listener’s job is to remain completely silent.

No sounds, no words, nothing. 

The listener needs to let their eyes do their talking and empathizing.  Our eyes are our gateways to our souls and, I assure you, are completely qualified for this task.  You will be shocked how heard and understood you will feel just through eye communication.  I think we botch what we’re hoping to say so often when we’re trying to empathize with our words.  We want so badly to say the right thing that most of the time, the wrong thing comes out of our mouth.  This exercise eliminates that pressure.  Talk with your eyes and seal your lips.

Then switch.  It is much easier and more motivating for the second listener to listen with silent eyes because they will have already experienced this amazing listening.  The second listener won’t feel as uncomfortable or nervous about remaining so silent. The second talker still gets to be surprised by the healing power of the listener’s silent eyes.


I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you this week!  If you don’t have someone near you who you can partner up with, post it in the comments down below and say you’re looking for a partner.  My guess is that someone in our community will live close enough that you could meet up at a coffee shop for this exercise.  That’s just the way God works.  You can also repost this message on your own Facebook page and put the request of “Who wants to be my partner for this exercise?”  I bet you will receive more response than you expect.

Share, share, share your stories this week!  We can’t wait to hear from you and your stories about your silent eyes partner healing!

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,

windows to our souls

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