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The ripple effect of grief

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How does grief affect us? I mean, really affect us? Have you sat and thought about how much change grief creates and how we can all be touched, and perhaps even blessed, by it?

What does grief ultimately do for us? 

It helps us appreciate the precious moments we are given, instead of wasting them away. It helps us cherish the people in our lives that we love, not take them for granted. It helps us not to worry so much about the little details that don’t really matter anyway, it helps us let go. To let go of the grudges, the small stuff and the unfulfilling roles and relationships that suck up time and effort in those minutes that we want to make count the most. But it doesn’t end with us, the grievers, letting go.

It’s called the ripple effect.

We are affected by a loss and we change our perspective, and then we interact with friends and our perspective rubs off on them and then their perspective and attitude shifts and rubs off on their circle. You get it. But we really have no idea how many ripples we create with just one experience. How many people will you touch with your grief ripple?

This week, a friend of mine had this very experience. A friend of hers lost her daughter to cancer. It was absolutely heartbreaking. My friend was so sad and after crying all day decided she was going to let go of all that was holding her back. She was no longer going to “sweat the small stuff” because life was too short. Life is meant to be cherished and purposefully lived. So she went to a school volunteer meeting and brought this new attitude with her. Guess what happened? She changed the entire room. We all know what that tired room looks like, a circle of the same 10 people sitting around the table exhausted by doing the work of 500.  My friend never told the story of her loss but just brought her attitude shift of focusing on what matters and on what makes a difference.  After sharing her perspective, everyone in her meeting left feeling the same way as her-lifted, enlightened, inspired. They all agreed she was right. They needed to let go of the stress and focus on the purposeful and meaningful parts of how they helped and how they lived. Ripple effect.

We can all do what my friend did. What does your ripple effect look like? Who have you touched? What kind of ripple are you creating? Who will you touch?


In one single word or just a few words added down below, let’s create our own ripple. How are you going to let your grief change your life? How will it change others’ lives? What’s your ripple effect?

More meaningful relationships, less worry, more gratitude, greater peace, slowing down? Who will you share it with today?

Forward this onto your friends to create an even bigger ripple effect.

We can’t wait to see how you’ve passed along your perspective and healing.

Sending you big love!


Love and Blessings,


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