Healing 2 minutes at a time

What if we’re meant to have a bleeding heart?

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This morning on Facebook, I was greeted by a multitude of very sad posts. Many deaths, attempted deaths, losses and from a wide variety of people in my life- old friends, new friends, work associates. I typically try to at least comment on a post no matter who it is or how much time I have because I think so many people are too scared to address pain. I figure that if I can at least start or contribute to the support, I’ve done my part.

But the sheer volume of posts really triggered me this morning. I tossed my phone on the counter and walked away and said in my head, “Erin, stop having such a bleeding heart.” I walked away, feeling like I just didn’t have it in me to support all those people. Where did I draw the line? I was tired. I didn’t feel like I could possibly have enough in me to help. So, I did what any adult would do…I took a time out and thought more about that ol’ bleeding heart of mine.

And then it hit me…”Isn’t that precisely what our heart is supposed to do? Isn’t our heart supposed to feel alive and bleed for others? If we can’t connect to someone else’s pain, how can we ever expect to connect to our own pain? If we can’t connect to our own pain, we’ll never be able to heal it.

Our job is to connect. Our job is to heal. Our job is to love…others and ourselves.

My Sunday school teachings from so long ago keep ringing in my head today…the devil divides and our God heals.

Are your actions dividing you from people or healing the people around you? 

Are you so worried about having a bleeding heart that  you’re not helping heal the people around you?

Captivated by this bleeding heart phrase today, I actually looked up the definition to see what I was working with and here’s what I found:

1) A person considered to be dangerously softhearted

2) Any number of plants that have heart-shaped flowers


And then I thought…maybe we’re supposed to be more like those heart-shaped flowers that God made for us. We can nurture and blossom our own hearts just like those heart-shaped plants.

Boundaries are incredibly important, but I think we can all admit that we could all push our support boundaries a little bit more. We could take that two minutes to send a card, the 20 seconds to post on Facebook or 10 minutes to call someone and support them through their hard time.

We can’t worry that we’ve got a bleeding heart. We can’t be too busy. We can’t be so disconnected. When we disconnect from others’ pain, we disconnect from our own pain and we will never heal anything without connecting to our hurt and heart first. So take a moment today to send that card, email or text to someone who needs the love from your beautiful, compassionate, healing, loving heart.

We can’t wait to hear what you did to help someone this week? Did you send a card or a text? Share with us and inspire others to reach out too.


Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,



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