Healing 2 minutes at a time

Could there actually be something called “grief brain”?

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Do you keep misplacing things?

Or forget what you’re saying?

Do you often feel nervous or anxious?


It could be that you have grief brain. Our bodies become so overtaken by emotion and grief that it is hard to maintain our schedules or remember simple things. This happens in our bodies because our adrenals feel the stress of our emotions. Unfortunately, our adrenals can’t translate the type of stress we are encountering and can’t differentiate between a tiger running you down as you fear for your life or feeling panicked that your to-do list is too long or that you feel overwhelmed by the many new responsibilities you have now that your loved one has left. This applies whether your loved one died or has just left your life. Your body feels the stress from all the ways grief shows up in your life.

But you do not have to be a victim to grief brain.

There is something very powerful and empowering that you can do for yourself to help you feel clearer, calmer and more peaceful.

The antidote to grief brain is energy grounding.

Grounding is the process of connecting ourselves to earth, either physically or spiritually. And since we’re all made up of energy, it’s important that we take care of the very energy that helps us keep moving.

By grounding our energy, we are able to think more clearly, speak more concisely and feel more powerful and better all the way around.


We can ground ourselves a few different ways.


We can garden without shoes or go for a barefoot walk on the grass, on the beach or in the dirt.


We can eat root vegetables, including sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets.


This is your true homework for the week though. This meditation is amazing and will help you feel lighter, clearer and more peaceful right now. You do not have to go outside and you do not need to purchase vegetables so you can do this right here, right now for the next 2 minutes. No excuse!

Stand up tall with your toes spread out as far as they will go with your hands at your side. In yoga, this is called Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Envision yourself growing tree roots out of the bottoms of your feet and attaching them to the center of the earth. Allow whatever is no longer serving you, your heartache, your grief, your frustrations to flow out of those roots and into the center of the earth.  Allow God and the earth to transmute those struggles into strength for you.

Sometimes when we are grieving, our feelings are so intense. We wish someone would just take them. We feel like pushing those struggles right out of us. Well, now here is your chance to hand them off. It actually feels incredibly empowering to feel like we have somewhere to push them out and to get them out of us. So once you’ve connected your roots to the center of the earth, visualize pushing those emotions all the way completely out of you through those tree roots and watch them make their way into the center of the earth. Once those struggles are out, notice what happens. You will begin to feel lighter, clearer, a little more healed. Then you can picture those transformed struggles making their way from the center of the earth back up to you as love, filling those spaces you created with love and strength.

One of my very first blogs was on grounding and healing our root chakra and I go into great detail on the many different ways we can ground our energy. It is definitely worth the read, if you’re interested. I’m going to streamline this week’s blog to focus mainly on this powerful meditation.

For those of you who live in the local Bay area, I am hosting a grounding meditation on Sunday, March 6th at 6pm in Belmont. It’s going to be an amazing healing class where we dive into what might be keeping us from being grounded as well as complete a powerful grounding meditation together. I hope you’ll join us. Here’s the link to attend.

We can’t wait to hear how this exercise worked for you this week! Did you feel lighter? Did you feel like you were able to offload some of your pain or stress? Please share your experience and inspire others here to heal and ground too.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,



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