Healing 2 minutes at a time

Maybe we’re not as alone as we feel when we’re grieving.

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I attended a family funeral this week. It was beautiful-from the flowers to the words spoken to the hugs shared. This friend of my family was 95 years young and it was a true celebration of life. I felt sad that he would no longer attend our family functions, but that’s not why I cried. I wept for the pain I saw on the face of my closest loved ones who were directly related to this sweet man. The pain on their face is what brought me to tears. I hurt and wept for them.

Then it got me thinking, as most things do, maybe we’re not as alone as we feel we are when we’re grieving. Grief feels so isolating and so lonely. But I know I was not the only one in attendance who wept for those who were still living, not for the beloved departed. It is quite true that we weep for our loved ones who are in pain.

What if we felt that very love from all the people who were weeping for us and our broken hearts? That would be so powerful. All of that love and support pouring right into our hearts. I assure you, we would not feel alone in our grief if we could collect all of this empathy and love and bottle it up for our own healing when needed.

I sent them all love from my heart during the service, but I made sure to give them all extra love afterwards.  This was my parting thought that day…


How can we continue to remember those tears as the months go on? How can we be sure to support them?  My tears were tears of empathy and through that very empathy, we can provide the extra strength our loved ones need.

This week, set the intention to support a loved one who has lost someone and let yourself empathize with their pain. Get in there with them and FEEL what THEY are feeling. Not what you are feeling…what THEY are feeling.  When they feel that kind of support, they will heal in ways they never knew possible.


This is another amazing Brene’ Brown video on how to show empathy. As Brene’ states, “Empathy is us getting down in that hole and connecting to a place in our hearts that connects to their pain.”

How did you share your empathetic support this week? What empathetic tears did you feel? We can’t wait to hear from you and support you too. We all lean on each other.

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


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