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Connection First…Problem Solving Second

This week, I was listening to a talk from Esther Hicks who was talking about how to manifest all the desires of our heart. She said one thing that really caught my attention.  She said we must focus on our connection with God, Holy Spirit, the Divine, Higher Self, however you personally call upon your God, FIRST and focus on solving our problem second. Once we are connected, the problem will solve itself. Then I heard the very same message on the Christian radio station I was listening to in the car. Yes, not too much of a stretch there since it was a Christian station but regardless, it was the exact same message.

Connection first. Problem Solving Second.

So I thought I better relook at my focus just to make sure I was focusing on my connection first too!

So often when we are handling a life change, we feel like we need to solve all the problems ourselves and find ourselves left in a panic. This stress lowers our energy and exhausts us and puts us in a place where we really aren’t going to solve any of our problems. When we connect first, the answers, the resources, the path is provided.

9 days ago, I began looking for a designer to help me design the logo for our new community name Love. Heal. Thrive. That initial request began on my accountability call with my accountability partner at 8am on Thursday. I then went to a Boot Camp class at 9:30am and after class started talking to a friend who said, “Oh, I used to do that. I’ll see if some of my friends could help you out. By the time she reached her car, she couldn’t get our community out of her head and was blessed with a vision of my logo. That vision is the logo that we have now. It was amazing!




Over the course of the week, she proceeded to create all of my marketing materials so that I was completely ready for a fair I participated in this past Saturday. I never would have imagined I would have a community rebrand done so quickly or so professionally. It completely exceeded any expectation or execution I could have ever had in my own problem solving.

And that’s how God works. The resources show up when we need them. He sends the people we need when we need them and the solution usually surpasses any idea we might have come up with ourselves. We just need to stay out of the way as if we know better.

So this week, let’s take a moment to look at our connection point. Are you worrying about the solution? Or are you working on your connection?

Take a moment to give gratitude for that very connection and watch the resources, the answers, the blessings, the path show up.

We can’t wait to hear how solutions have shown up in your life. Where have you been struggling that, once you let go, the solution or blessings presented itself? Or the person showed up? Share your inspirational story with all of us!

Sending you big love!

Love and Blessings,


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